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Planning, Reporting and Analytics

Like any other business, online businesses must have a marketing plan in place. This will allow the business to plan the budget, decide the strategy, tactics, set objectives, control the schedule and have a clear overview of where the business is heading.

It is essential to have a clear and visible plan so anyone who is involved in setting up campaigns or deciding budget will know the general direction of where and how the company positions itself in the market.

Once the plan has been decided and the campaigns are running it is crucial to report and analyse the performance. Many businesses and companies fail in that stage, they have campaigns running and budget invested but they don’t follow the performance, check the reports and act of the findings.

Reporting is the first step of identifying how the marketing efforts are performing, once you have the reports in place it is very important to have someone analysing the reports.

Once there is a clear analysis and the profitable campaigns are highlighted, the business can take an educated decision where it wants to invest its budget to ensure a greater ROI (Return on investment).

I worked with many clients, helping them set their marketing plan, deciding their budgets and objectives. Scheduling automated reports as well as setting up their analytics tools (such as Google Analytics). Anaylsing campaign performance is a key factor in any business success, and even more so an online business where everything can be measured and reported on.

Contact me and let’s get your marketing plan in motion, increase your sales, improve your business performance and achieve your objectives.

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