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Digital Marketing Paid Campaigns

What is SEM? What is PPC? Many people ask these questions as these terms are being used all over the internet in the context of online and digital marketing. SEM stands for ‘Search Engine Marketing’ and it refers to the process of getting traffic to certain website using paid campaigns and by purchasing ads. PPC usually stands for ‘Pay Per Click’ and it mostly refers to running paid campaigns and purchasing ads on the paid search platforms such as Google AdWords.

As part of the services I offer, I can help you get your PPC campaigns up and running, from the initial stage of setting up the account, identifying the market, conducting the keywords research and creating the campaigns and ads.

As an ongoing service, I can manage your daily campaigns, analyse results, create reports and optimise the campaign to ensure the business and marketing objectives are met and help you increase your sales and improve your ROI (Return on investment).

PPC campaigns are relatively quick to implement and can be started in a relatively short period of time. The budget for the campaigns is determined by the client and can be as low or high as the client wishes.

Get in touch today and start promoting your business!

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