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What is online marketing? What is digital marketing? The marketing of products or services using digital technologies. The marketing efforts and work that uses the web, email campaigns, paid campaigns, display campaigns, mobile campaigns and any other online and digital medium to drive more sales, increase traffic to a certain website or help a brand or a product get more online exposure and be found online.

With extensive experience and practice in the online world and digital marketing I have the tools and knowledge to help you get your business where it should be and help you reach your business objectives.

If you own a small e-commerce business or have a website to promote your offline work, a large company looking to enter new markets or a traditional business looking to get into the online world, I can help you.


I offer the following services:

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation - Drive more traffic to your website by being more visible on the search results of search engines.

SEM - PPC - Digital Marketing Paid Campaigns - I am here to advise and assist you on your paid campaigns, from initiation and set up, as well as running these on regular basis to ensure the success of the campaigns and the achievement of your business objectives. 

Social Media Marketing - Facebook business pages, Facebook paid campaigns, audience creation and segmentation, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Email Marketing Campaigns - Creating the emails, testing the right message for the right audience and analysing the results.

Online Marketing Strategy - From the outset of your project I will help you define and create the best online marketing strategy for your business including a complete online marketing plan with actionable steps, schedule and budget.

Reporting and Analytics - I will set up all of the reports needed in order to track the different campaigns and help you analyse which ones work best and which ones should be optimised and improved. 

Private Lessons - My private tutoring services is aimed at guiding you on how to use the different tools and how to implement the different tactics to be successful at promoting your business online.

Whether you are new to the online world, or have an established online business, whether you just want to promote a web site to increase your online presence or if you want to start selling your products online, I can help be found by your potential customers.

Get in touch to find out more and learn what I can do to help you grow your business.

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