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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing, this term is being used more often as time passes, since we are all using the different social networks. What is social media marketing? It refers to the process of attracting traffic to your website, business or spreading brand awareness using the different social media sites, networks and platforms.

Social media marketing is the process of establishing a strong social media presence on the main platforms, this can be done organically or by using paid campaigns.

The important thing is to have a plan in place for the social media marketing campaigns and activities. Social media have a major influence on the whole online marketing efforts and it should be approached accordingly.

I can help you come up with the most suitable social media marketing plan for your business, based on your sector, target audience, location and business objectives (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc)

Setting up Facebook business page, identifying your target audience and segmenting it to reach the best results by delivering the right messages at the right time in the right place and device (desktop v mobile). Setting up all you Facebook campaigns, reporting and tools to analyse the results.

Help you with getting your Twitter profile and identify the right people to follow and engage with, as well as understand how to approach your current and potential customers. When and how to twit to get the best results, and increase your numbers of followers. Get your LinkedIn account up to date and show potential customers and/or business partners the best image of your business.

Get in touch today and let’s work together to get your social media to its righteous place.

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