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Private Lessons

There are certain people who prefer to learn and perform the different tasks on their website themselves.

I can help you with learning some of the techniques and give you the tools so you can perform many of the basic tasks on your time and convenience.

I can teach you the basic principles of:

  • SEO - The meaning of it and what sort of initial actions you need to take in order to increase your chances of being found online.

  • PPC – I can teach you the basics of using Google AdWords so you can go ahead, create and manage your own campaigns.

  • Social Media Marketing – Including setting your own Facebook business page, identifying and segmenting your target audience, setting up different campaigns based on your business/marketing objectives to spread brand awareness and promote your website, business or products.

  • Google Analytics – I will take you through the Google Analytics interface and explain the main features and options, help you set goals and automate reports.

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